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Questions & Answers

Why do Chronic Wounds and Problem Wounds develop?

Not all wounds are the same: Chronic and problem wounds have different causes, such as infection, poor blood supply, pressure, tumor, etc….. Especially in chronic wounds, it is always important not to see the wound as an isolated local problem (local wound healing), but also as a systemic problem (general condition of the patient)


Choronic and problem wounds present a great challenge because they :

occur at any age, from newborns to the elderly
are constantly increasing in medical and economic importance
affection of the patient by
bad smell (odor)
functional impairment
mental impairment
affection of people around the patient (physical and mental stress)

Only a detailed doctor / patient consultation forms the basis for successful individual treatment.

Note: Please bring any existing medical reports and examinations (X-ray, MRI, …). They are helpful in any way

Core Group: Patients are initially seen by Dermatology, Vascular Surgery or Plastic Surgery:

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