• Nutritionally assessing all the patients admitted in the hospital though Medical Nutrition Therapy.
  • Reaching out to the public in schools, nurseries and companies to educate them about balanced nutrition.
  • Counselling patients in the outpatient department and planning an individualised diet plan.
  • Providing high quality nutritionally balanced meals to the admitted patients. Medical conditions, co morbidities and food intolerance are taken into consideration when preparing the meals.

Our Services & Specialties support for patients :

  • Nutrition support and enteral feeding for optimal nutrition.
  • Obesity and underweight diet management.
  • Diabetes, hypertension, anemia and lipid management through a balanced diet.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases such as IBS, ulcer and celiac disease diet management.
  • Diet’s for renal and cancer patients.
  • Pancreas and gallbladder diseases management through a suitable diet.
  • Diet management in pregnancy.

Diet Counseling - Inpatients

  • Daily rounds to all the patients admitted.
  • Collaboration with the physician to provide the suitable diet for surgically and medically managed patients.
  • Initial nutrition assessment when the patient is admitted and then a daily follow up until discharge.
  • Patient and family nutrition education as per the medical condition and comorbidities of the patient.
  • Preparing diet plans for the therapeutic, obese and overweight patients.

Diet Counseling - Outpatients

  • Meeting outpatients either as a walk in or referral from the doctors of various specialities.
  • Assesing the patients by taking their 24 hour recall, past medical history, family history, food allergies and food intolerance if present.
  • Preparing a diet plan as per the patients medical condition if present taking into consideration their culture and physical activity intensity / frequency.
  • Planning the diet plan verbally with the patient during the consultation and doing possible changes to ensure that the patient is able to follow it.
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